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An enim nullam tempor graAs a specialist tour operator in organizing exclusive desert tours, we’ve at your disposal a wide array of tours which serve as a perfect starting point to create what you’re looking for in your desert escapade. A standard desert safari Dubai trip involves an exhilarating session of dune bash aboard a top-notch 4X4 vehicle. This is enriched by activities that promise you a rich dose of ancient Bedouin culture and traditions, such as camel ride, henna tattooing, and Shisha smoking. A morning desert safari is great for those who want to witness the marvelous desert sunrise views and admire its soul-stirring serenity before the region becomes unbearably hot. As for the evening desert safari, it includes traditional shows (like Belly Dance and Tanura show) plus a lavish BBQ dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties. It further gives you ample time to experience its sheer beauty and tranquility. But if you don’t want to miss both sunrise and sunset views, then nothing comes closer to an overnight desert safari which offers the best of both worlds, along with the add-on of camping under the desert stars. So just pick one of them or consider it as an inspiration to create your own desert adventure.

girl riding atv in desert

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